Adoption Hearing for the 2021 Budget

6:00 pm – Monday, October 12, 2020


Called to order at 6:05 by Loretta Sutherland. Motion was made by Ruth and seconded by Matt to approve the 2021 Budget and Salary Schedule as presented.  Motion carried.  Adoption hearing was adjourned at 6:09pm.


Board of Trustees



Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 6:09 by Loretta Sutherland.  Other board members present were Matt Lensiegne, Kathy Bray and Ruth Gerbig. Others in attendance were Kim Riley, library director and Cassidy Felger ACTS member. Absent was DeeDee Feeney, Laura Glunt, and Jill Cali.


Call for Quorum – A quorum was achieved, with attendance as noted above


Reading and Approval of Minutes- The minutes of the September 2020 Board of Trustees meeting were reviewed and approved as written.


Reading and Approval of Financial Report- Matt reported receipts of $17703.84 and expenditures of $18860.64


Approval of Bills: After review, Ruth motioned, and Kathy seconded a motion to approve the financial report and the approval of the bills.  The motion passed.



Report of the  Director

  1. Maintenance issues:


  1. Programming updates

-We will give out crafts & treats the whole week of Halloween.

-At this time we are planning on having Santa & Mrs. Claus visit.  Craft kits and

goodie bags will be given out along with wooden toys from the Carmel Rotary.

There will be no coloring activity or cookies & punch this year due to Covid.

-We have started a Dial-a-Story that went live last Friday.

-Brenda is doing a covered book program where patrons pick covered books

based on the first line of the book only.  Going over really well!



  1. Other

Kim has asked to be closed Nov. 4th for Evergreen cataloging & staff development.  Approved

Duke Energy has given us a proposal to replace all remaining lighting to LED

 lights.    Proposal has been tabled till next month for further review.

-Kim mentioned that so far Phi Beta Psi is the only organization to turn in an

application for the Community room use next year.


Committee Reports




Unfinished Business

  1. Movie licensing/Audio Visual (tabled until we being programing)-tabled
  2. Text messaging (tabled until we move further with Evergreen)-tabled
  3. Evergreen – At 27.43%
  4. IT contracts – AllesTek, AVC
  5. Bond issue (tabled until Fall 2022)


New Business

  1. Ruth brought up the subject of the land for sale next to us.  After discussion

she has agreed to gather more information for us.




Public Input


Meeting was adjourned at 6:53.  Next meeting is scheduled for November 9, 2020 at 6pm.