Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, May 11, 2020





Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order at 6:04 by Loretta Sutherland.  Other board members present were DeeDee Feeney, Ruth Gerbig, Matt Lensiegne, Kathy Bray, Laura Glunt, and Jill Cali. Others in attendance were Kim Riley, interim library director.


Call for Quorum.  A quorum was achieved, with attendance as noted above.



Reading and Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the April 2020 Board of Trustees meeting were reviewed and approved as written.



Reading and of the Financial Report.   Matt reported receipts of $ $17059.78 and expenditures of $27,063.29.


Approval of the Bills.  After review, Jill moved and Kathy seconded a motion to approve the financial report and the approval of the bills.  The motion passed.


Interim Director’s Report.


  1.  Programming
  • Reading program will be online. June 22- July 31.  We will donate money to SYAP for every book read.  Take home crafts are being put together.   Preschooler’s will be able to participate this year. Discussed where to put the flyers for the summer reading program. Jill offered to send a digital copy of the flyer to each elementary and middle school teacher.


  1.   Curbside service will begin Monday.


  1. Bond webinar next Tuesday.


  1. We will not reopen until June 15th and will require masks or face covering until July 4th.          If you do not have a mask, we are still providing curbside service.


  1. Received an extra tax check of $17338.00.


Committee Reports.  None presented for review


Communications.  None presented for review


Unfinished Business.  Limit on directors spending policy:  10% of our budget, per year on non- business impacting expenses without the board’s approval.  Ruth made a motion and Kathy seconded it.  Motion passed.



New Business.

  • Evergreen: Motion was moved to implement Evergreen by Jill and seconded by Matt. Motion passed.


  • IT Quotes: Matt got a good quote from an IT company. We need to find out if we are still under contract with AVC.  Matt suggests that we get out of the AVC contract and go with a new company. AllesTek charges $423 per month compared to AVC’s $1200 a month.



Old Business


  • Director search: Loretta thinks we need to re-advertise. Update ad in these ways: “If a candidate has a salary requirement, please tell us up front.” Besides a personal reference request a bibliographical reference for having experience in bonds and grants.   We can add that we want someone with bond and grant writing experience.

Look at advertisement this week and see what we would like to add to it.  Goal is to                   post new advertisement by June 1st and begin to interview by the 1st week of July.  We         need to add that previous applicants do not need to reapply.


New Business. None


Public Input.  No public input presented


Adjournment.   Loretta Sutherland adjourned at 7:41.



Next Board Meeting:  Monday, June 8, 2020