Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting Monday June 14, 2021



Call to Order- Jill Cali, the board vice president, called the meeting to order at 6:01. Board members in attendance were Matt Lenseigne, board president, DeeDee Feeney, Loretta Sutherland, Jill Cali and Ruth Gerbig.  Others in attendance were Kim Riley, the library director.


Call for Quorum- Quorum was met.


Reading and Approval of Minutes – Minutes were approved as corrected.


Reading and Approval of Financial Report – receipts -$116,703.31

Bills- $18,253.53


Approval of Bills – Motion was made by Loretta to approve the financial report as read and seconded by Ruth. Motion passed.


Report of the Director

  1. Maintenance issues – Roof was finished.  Downspouts will be replaced. Toilets were fixed and the door was fixed.
  2. Programming updates – Summer reading program has 71 signed up.  9 have completed the reading program so far.  Program attachment is included with the minutes.
  3. Approval of Programming Director hire – Hannah Donaldson was hired as the programing director and she is working 30 hours a week at $14 an hour. Ruth moved to approve Hannah and Loretta seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Hannah will be giving us a monthly programming report.


Committee Reports – no committee reports


Communications – none


Unfinished Business

  1. Movie licensing/Audio VisualKim will be looking into licensing this month.
  2. Bond issue (tabled until Spring 2022)




New Business

The land next to the library was discussed. Matt said he believes the builder is   willing to sell us the land.  We will discuss this more when we have more information.

Jill Cali let us know that August will be her last meeting on the board. She is appointed by the school board.

– Kim would like to move our October meeting from the 11th to the 4th.

Loretta moved that we move the October meeting to the 4th. DeeDee seconded the motion and the motion passed.



Public Input



The meeting was adjourned at 6:50.

The next meeting is July 12, 2021 @ 6pm