Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting – Virtual

Monday January 11, 2021


Call to Order – Board president, Loretta Sutherland called the meeting to order at 6:05. Other board members in attendance were DeeDee Feeney, Matt Lensiengne, Laura Glunt, Jill Cali, Ruth Gerbig, and Kathy Bray.  Others in attendance was Library Director, Kim Riley.


Call for Quorum – Quorum met


Reading and Approval of Minutes – Minutes approved as read.


Reading and Approval of Financial Report – Claims $ 27,213.94, receipts made $100,609.92.


Approval of Bills – Matt Lensiegne moved to approve the bills, Jill Calli 2nd the motion.  Motion passed.


Encumbered funds: Motion was made to encumber funds in the amount of $5158.38 for Lime Energy from 2020 by Jill Calli and 2nd by Kathy Bray. Motioned passed.


Rainy Day Funds – Motion was made to move $26,635 from the 2020 budget to the rainy day fund by Ruth Gerbig and 2nd by Matt Lensiegne.  Motioned passed.



Report of the Director


Programming updates – Reading program: 9 participants and 21 books read.

Want to do the Easter Bunny as a Drive By as we did Santa.

Circulation was down 26% in 2020.



Committee Reports – none


Communications – none


Unfinished Business

Movie licensing/Audio Visual (tabled until we being programing)

Text messaging (tabled until we move further with Evergreen)

Evergreen – migration in process 43% completed. Closed Monday the 18th to continue working on this.  Looking at March 17th to go live.

IT contracts – AllesTek, AVC- Switched over to Alles Tek and it went very smoothly.

Bond issue (tabled until Fall 2022)

Land – Ruth to follow up with this.




New Business:


Election of 2021 Officers – Jill moved for the following slate of officers:

Matt: President

Jill: Vice President

Laura Glunt: treasurer

DeeDee Feeney: Secretary

Ruth 2nd the slate of officers for 2021.  Motion was passed


Selection of Newspapers for Notifications – Hamilton County Reporter

Kathy Bray moved to approve the Hamilton County Reported for notifications and 2nd by Jill Calli. Motion carried.


Sheridan Library COVID-19 Employee Relief Plan was read and discussed.

Kathy Bray moved to approve policy as written. 2nd by Laura Glunt.  Motioned carried.


Public Input – none


Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 by Loretta Sutherland.