We would like to invite you to join other supporters of library services as a Friends of the Sheridan Library.  Who are the Friends? What do they do? Why should you join?  The answers to those questions and others are as follows:

Who are the Friends of the Sheridan Library?
They are a group of people who support and promote the Library and its services.

What do the Friends of the Sheridan Library do?
They assist with various activities throughout the year such as book sales, the children’s summer reading program, Easter Egg Hunt, Preschool Storytime, and reading programs for adults.

They promote the development of excellent library services and encourage gifts, endowments and bequests to the Library.

When and where do the activities take place?
Activities take place throughout the year, and most of them are held at the Library.  We do have monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm, though it is not required you attend any of them.  You might like to attend the annual meeting so that you may cast your vote for officers being elected for the following year.

Why should you join the Friends of the Sheridan Library?
It is your chance to support the Library and its activities.  The funds the Friends raise help supplement the Library with materials, equipment, and services not covered in the normal budget of the Library.

How do you join the Friends of the Sheridan Library?
Fill out the application and return it to the Library with your annual dues to the Sheridan library.  Dues are:

(A) Students – $1.00
(B) Senior Citizens – $2.00
(C) Individuals – $4.00
(D) Businesses or organizations – $10.00
(E) Family – $5.00