Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting – VIRTUAL

December 14, 2020

Call to Order : Called to order at 6:10 by Loretta Sutherland. Jill Cali, Matt Lensiengne, Ruth Gerbig, Laura Glunt, DeeDee Feeney, and Loretta Sutherland were present.  Also present was Kim Riley, director of the library.  Board member Kathy Bray was absent.


Call for Quorum: Quorum fulfilled


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Approved as read


Reading and Approval of Financial Report Total receipts $42,334.87.    Total Claims $16,345.62   Laura motioned to approved and seconded by Jill to approve financial report and pay bills.


Approval of Bills – Bills approved


Report of the Director:


  1. Programming updates- Santa: We had 143 kids in 73 cars attend the drive-by Santa.  Event was very well received.  Passed out all wooden toys and craft bags.  Dial-A-Story had 40 calls in November.  Blood drive brought in 13 donors and we collected 120 items for our Food for Fines.
  2. Other – It was reported that LIT for 2021 will be up around $300 from the current year.  Kim has finished her class that completes her LC4 certification.  Paperwork has been submitted to the state.


Committee Reports – None


Communications – None


Unfinished Business


  1. Evergreen – 37%. We cataloged 320 items on our closed day and Shelby O’Malley & Kim worked all day Saturday cataloging 226 items.  We have a tentative go-live date of March 17, 2021 providing we can continue to get the cataloging completed.
  2. IT contracts – AllesTek – All is going well. AllesTek will start later in the month moving things over.
  3. Land – Shawn Feeney is looking into the land next to the library, as is Ruth.






New Business

  1. Fine schedule – Motion by Jill and seconded by Matt to approve the 2021 fine schedule.

Holiday schedule – Motion by Matt and seconded by Laura to approve the 2021 Holiday schedule which includes Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day as working holidays.  We will be closed to the public but staff will be here working on Evergreen.


Public Input


Next Meeting Monday January 11, 2021.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:35