First Monday For Kids

The Sheridan Public Library is starting a new initiative with our programming endeavors, aimed primarily at elementary-aged children. On the first Monday of each month we will be offering special programming for youngsters of all ages. The programs will be primarily hands-on things such as interesting crafts, Lego builds, board games, making buttons, watching movies and anything else we can think of that will appeal and challenge youngsters and send them home with a big smile and a nice experience. Parents are strongly encouraged to accompany especially their younger children and participate with them in the activity. For some of the programs, but not all, advanced registration may be required, and occasionally we will charge a small fee to cover the cost of materials, but whether registration or fees are involved or not, the majority of the programs will be cost-free and be interesting and challenging for the participants.

Our first evening program will be Monday, October 7th, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and it will be a Lego build program. Registration is not required and there is no cost for this program. We have lots of Lego stuff already here and we hope that the kids will be able construct some interesting things and spend a little quality time with Mom and/or Dad.

Here is a list of our upcoming First Monday For Kids programs:

Monday, October 7th: Lego Build. No fee. No registration.

Monday, November 4th: Make a Button. $1 per button fee. No registration.

Monday, December 2nd. Movie Night. Popcorn and drink provided. No registration.


**Parents should be aware that with their permission the library director likes to take lots of pictures to pin up on the library bulletin board.