Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting Monday November 8, 2021



Call to Order: Ruth Gerbig, the board vice president, called the meeting to order 6:02.  Board members in attendance were DeeDee Feeney, Loretta Sutherland, Alicia Hollingsworth, Laura Glunt, Floyd Barker and Kathy Bray. Others in attendance were Kim Riley, the library director.


Call for Quorum: Quorum was met.


Reading and Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved as read.  


Reading and Approval of Financial Report:  Receipts $17,803.20,

Claims $23,129.81.


Approval of Bills Loretta moved to approve the financials, Kathy seconded. Bills approved.


Report of the Director

  1. Maintenance issues: Mold remediation is complete & we only had to close for 1 day. Waiting on estimate for repairs to area.
  2. Programming updates: Programing notes are attached to the minutes. Beanstack challenge for October is complete and November has started. Will do a children’s only for December and the Adult winter reading program will start January 1st.
  3. $15839 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant from the state library that was approved needs a resolution to create a ARPA fund to record expenses and reimbursements. Kathy made a motion to create an ARPA fund, DeeDee seconded.  Motion passed.


Committee Reports: No committee reports


Communications: No communication reports.







Unfinished Business

  1. Bond issue (tabled until Spring 2022). Thinking ahead to the bond issue, Laura asked us to brainstorm for ideas to make the farmers aware of just how valuable the library is to all of the community.  Some ideas included programming for the farmers of our community.  Kim will pass this on to Hannah (programming director) and let her know she can contact Laura for more information and help.
  2. Land – Preliminary plat was approved by the Plan commission.
  3. Election of President – this will not be done until general elections in January.



New Business

  1. Review of recurring community room events for 2022 – We’ve had 2 request (Rotary and Phi Beta Psi). It was moved by Loretta and seconded by Floyd to accept both requests.  Motion passed.
  2. Kim asked everyone to be thinking of officers for next year as we will fill the slate next month.


Public Input: No public input


Meeting was adjourned at 6:41