Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, June 8, 2020





Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order at 6:10 by Loretta Sutherland.  Other board members present were Ruth Gerbig, Matt Lensiegne, Laura Glunt, and Jill Cali. Others in attendance were Kim Riley, interim library director. Absent was DeeDee Feeney, Kathy Bray and ACTS member Cassidy Felger.


Call for Quorum.  A quorum was achieved, with attendance as noted above.



Reading and Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the May 2020 Board of Trustees meeting were reviewed and approved as written.



Reading and of the Financial Report.   Matt reported receipts of $95,248.57 and expenditures of $14,670.38.


Approval of the Bills.  After review, Jill moved and Matt seconded a motion to approve the financial report and the approval of the bills.  The motion passed.


Interim Director’s Report.


1) Programming

  • Reading program will be online. June 22- July 31.  Take home crafts are being put together every other week this summer.
  • Will will have an virtual magician on July 15th as part of the summer reading.
  • Lindsay is putting out weekly virtual storytimes on Fridays.
  • Blood Drive will take place in the Community Rome on June 25th from 3-6:30pm


  • We will be opening Monday June 15th with modified hours for patrons to come in and

pick out their own books.  ½ of the computer lab will be available for use for 30 min. at a time.





  • Kim has applied for her temporary certification for the interim position. She will be taking

A “Youth Services 101” class this fall to complete her LC4 certification.  A motion was made by Jill and seconded by Ruth to reimburse her for the cost of the class after successful completion.



Committee Reports.  None presented for review


Communications.  None presented for review


Unfinished Business.


  • After discussion, a motion was made by Ruth and seconded by Jill to move our IT services from AVE to AllesTek effective Jan. 1, 2021. Kim will work with both companies for a smooth transition
  • Evergreen application has been submitted and will go before the Evergreen Board on Tuesday June 9th.



New Business.  Kim will work on a revised Community Room policy to present at the next board meeting.



Old Business. We have received 2 applications for the director’s position.  Kim will send all applications to the board after the June 30th deadline.  We will hold an executive session on July 13th to review them.


New Business. None


Public Input.  No public input presented


Adjournment.   Loretta Sutherland adjourned at 7:34.



Next Board Meeting:  Monday, July 13, 2020