Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting Monday February 14, 2022



Call to Order: Loretta Sutherland, President, called the meeting to order at 6:02. Board members in attendance were DeeDee Feeney, Loretta Sutherland, Alicia Hollingsworth, Laura Glunt (virtual), and Floyd Barker.  Others in attendance were Kim Riley, the library director.


Call for Quorum: Quorum was met as noted above.


Reading and Approval of Minutes:  Minutes were read and approved as presented.


Reading and Approval of Financial Report: Receipts $34,887.03; Claims 107,403.72


Approval of Bills: Ruth moved that to approve the financial report, Alicia 2nd.  Motion approved.  


Report of the Director

  1. Maintenance issues – None
  2. Programming updates – Programming will be attached to these minutes.

Bicentennial reading program has 51 participants.  Adult reading program has 33 participants with 14 already completed.  Hannah attended a Bicentennial workshop.  She came away with ideas for our bicentennial. On March 16th we will have author Donna Cronk to come and speak to the book club. This is open to the Public.

  1. Other – E-content Circulation – 2021-7511, 2020-7228, 2019-5950

           – New copier: New copier comes next week and will cost less than the one we have now
– Non-resident fee card:
We can lower the non-resident fee card based on our per-capita annual cost.  Ruth made a motion to change the fee from $85 to $75 until further notice.  DeeDee 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.
– Marion Township contract:
Time to renew the Marion Township contract.  DeeDee made a motion to renew the Marion Township contract for $1000 for the Marion Township students.  Ruth 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.

  1. Kim gave each board member the “Collection Development Policy” to review to discuss next month.
  2. Kim will research “Hoopla”, the movie borrowing service, to see if this would be worth the cost.


Committee Reports




Unfinished Business

  1. Bond issue – Kim contacted Ice/Miller and found out we need to re-bond in 2025. On February 23rd Loretta, Kim, and a representative from Ice/Miller will have a meeting with Baker/Tilly about the steps that need to be taken in order to re-bond.  We need to begin with a plan of how we will use this money.  We need to decide on an architect that we will use.
  2. Land – Melissa from Four Star has contacted the library to get together about the land. Loretta and Kim will be meeting with them, possibly Thursday.


New Business


Public Input


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:46.