Board of Trustees

Regular Monthly Meeting Monday December, 2021



Call to Order: Ruth Gerbig, the acting president, called the meeting to order at 6:02.  Board members in attendance were DeeDee Feeney, Loretta Sutherland, Alicia Hollingsworth, Laura Glunt, Floyd Barker and Kathy Bray. Others in attendance were Kim Riley, the library director.


Call for Quorum: Quorum met


Reading and Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved as read.


Reading and Approval of Financial Report: Total claims $30,251.77   Total receipts: $52,282.73

Approval of Bills Loretta moved to approve the financial report.  Report approved.



Report of the Director

  • Maintenance issues: The leak at the front of the building is repaired.  There are two more that are in the process of being repaired.
  • Programming updates: Low or no attendance for movie nights.

Santa went over well.  There were about 109 kids.  The Beanstack program continues through this month for Children and the Adult Winter Reading Program is to start in January. Texas Roadhouse is a sponsor of the Adult program.

  • Other: Policy updates:
  1. Quarterly Review of the Covid Employee Relief Plan with a change to review this policy biannually. Ruth made a motion to change it to a biannual review, Loretta seconded and it was approved
  2. Holidays for 2022: Loretta made a motion to approve the Library Holidays Closings for 2022, Kathy seconded. Motion carried.
  3. Service Charges: Laura motioned to add the recurring rate and to correct the calendar date. Alicia seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  4. Capital Asset Policy: Loretta moved to approve the Capital Asset Policy. Kathy seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  1. Sheridan Public Library Board of Trustee By-Laws: The only change was the Certification of the director 6.1. The director needs IV.   Floyd suggested a change in the wording of the last sentence.  It will be changed to the suggestion that was stated.  Loretta moved to approve the By-Laws with the suggested changes.  Floyd seconded the motion and it carried.

Committee Reports

No committee reports



No communication


Unfinished Business

  1. Bond issue (tabled until Spring 2022)
  2. Land



New Business:

Slate of officers- The nominations are as follows:

President- Loretta Sutherland

Vice President- Ruth Gerbig

Treasurer- Laura Glunt

Secretary- DeeDee Feeney




Public InputNo public input


Meeting was adjourned at 6:51